The Deconstructionist's Strange Hope for the Purification of the Death Camps

The Hope Beneath the Sorrow

I find it fascinating to listen to the "deconstructed" on social media. There is a particular combination of hurt and anger that they express about "the church".

On one hand they talk about "the church" like it's a snake pit, burst nuclear reactor, or a Nazi labor camp. Toxic, dangerous, deadly evil.

On the other there is a lament because it seems they continue to be haunted by a dream that they never wanted to wake up from. A dream of love, of peace, of community, of everything they've ever wanted.

OK. I understand the relief at it being in your past. I understand the warning about it and to those inside. But the dream of its purification? There remains a hope beneath the sorrow they don't want to let go of.

So they labor on lamenting and crying and warning. It would be as if refugees from the Nazi death camp kept writing "you'll never get that genocide right until you..." "own up to...", "come to terms with..."